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Red Velvet Wendy – Really Bad Girl

This video has been archived and is no longer available for streaming. Download is still available here.

Uploaded 5 months ago
Actress used for this deepfake:
Erika Momotani


  1. baboyanolza 960
    5 months ago

    maybe taeyeon ver also? so real… so thx

    • kpopdeepfakes
      5 months ago

      There’ll be more versions coming. A lot more soon.

  2. limbo679 336
    5 months ago

    No irene?

    • kpopdeepfakes
      5 months ago

      wow, someone noticed lol. she’ll be up shortly

  3. qwerty1008 448
    5 months ago

    exid hani ver plz

  4. parkgun2002 998
    5 months ago

    하 조이씨발 쎆스년 너무 꼴리게 생겼다

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