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Les w/ Good Taste
#52303Posted 2 months ago

Do any of you miss my lesbian posts? If you do? Blame the site admin for not allowing me the new opportunity to upload more deepfakes of your favorite kpop idols. They need to put a legitimate max cap on uploads, before I thought it was 14 at first, then 13, then to 12 and I still couldn’t upload as the queue was full, even at 12, now I see that 15 is the new max full.

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#52304Posted 2 months ago

I miss your posts!

It can be a bit of a lottery sometimes. I find the queue goes out to 15 only when something is wrong on the system.

Check if any of the active jobs are ending soon. If two are ending soon, then you should definitely be able to get a spot, even if you’re slow.

#52399Posted 1 month ago

entitled much? The admin don’t owe you sht. This is the only site that i know of that offers this kind of feature. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Or you know…patiently wait for jobs to finish to enter the queue.

Penguinnie Mina
#53108Posted 1 month ago

Hmmm maybe u can ya know uhhh help them improve it instead of doing this


they’re kind enough to have allowed us something like this. In turn we should help them by giving suggestions and improvements that can happen.

this kind of thing doesn’t help and can also reflect poorly on other creators who do patiently wait.

it’s all about helping each other rise up

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