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#42098Posted 1 month ago

The most recent DF is three months ago…..

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#42163Posted 1 month ago

I already have pics and videos ready for making 3 Wendy deepfake vids because I found the pornstar in the “Wendy-My Second Date” vid look exactly like Wendy (Miku Ohashi). I also found a camgirl with the same short hair and petite body as Wendy (Elles_club on PH).

But the problem is I’m getting errors when launching faceswap even when I followed the installation guide thoroughly, and nobody answered my tech issues on forums on other sites, also the deepfake tutorials are missing. But hang onto your undies, I’ll start immediately when I find a fix.

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We create deepfakes of celebrities mainly inclusive of K-pop Korean idols in South Korea. These videos are fake and are produced with software using machine AI learning. All models and faces of celebrities or idols used in our videos are at least 18+ years of age.