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How do I re-train my jobs in the studio?GeneralHi, I was just wondering how to re-train my jobs.2 weeks ago
Re: TWICE Dahyun Face Set – 781 images (256×256)Face SetsWhat happened to the link?1 month ago
Momo's eyebrowsDeepfake TechThey’re mostly covered by her hair and it gives her an unibrow when making deepfakes, I’m using this faceset.7 months ago
Faceswap: Error while reading image. This is most likely caused by special characters in the filenameDeepfake TechSo I installed faceswap manually because the installer just won’t work for me…And now I get this error: Error while reading image. This is most…7 months ago
Re: Conda error using the Faceswap installerDeepfake TechOkay I let faceswap install it’s own version but it still crashes at the same moment7 months ago
DeepFaceLab SAE pretraining?Deepfake Tech“Pretrain model with lots of different people already included in the assembly. This technique can help to train with fake distinguish shapes a person or…7 months ago


Jennie riding you POVWhat is the original? 2 weeks ago
Soyeon #5560 (Credit to Frodeep)Who is the original? 2 weeks ago
RedVelvet-IreneAnyone know the original? 1 month ago
Twice Mina – Fancy you on topDid you make your own faceset? 9 months ago


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