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Re: New videosGeneralThere is a very particular way with getting girls with bangs to work. Basically have another similar looking idol trained with a source, then use…2 days ago
Re: [HELP ADMIN] Your membership request has been rejectedGeneralThe system will ban all your accounts if it is detected that you have multiple ones using the studio. Just try to have just the…2 days ago
Re: studio xxxxxDeepfake TechJob number?2 days ago
Re: Re-publishing Deleted Jobs?GeneralAfter you delete a a published job, it it removed from the servers. You could try to re-do the same job.6 days ago
Re: Restricted Video uploads to DF StudioGeneralFormat and codec(audio and video) used to convert the video? I’m not familiar with VLC encoding.1 month ago


WJSN Bona – Choked and PoundedSoon. Don't have time for their sets yet 4 months ago
Twice Sana - vibrator abuseNo time to get their sets yet. Soon 4 months ago
Jennie Kim - Solo_DF_2Should be fine. No problems on my end, 4 months ago
Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) - Play thingWanna see some dicks bouncing on each other? Maybe that'll lighten you up. 5 months ago
Twice Jeongyeon penetrated on sofaIf there's a match, it will be done. 5 months ago
Red Velvet Irene - double-teamed in the lockersIt should be there. 5 months ago


We create deepfakes of celebrities mainly inclusive of K-pop Korean idols in South Korea. These videos are fake and are produced with software using machine AI learning. All models and faces of celebrities or idols used in our videos are at least 18+ years of age.