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Re: Question about KD FileGeneralThey host all our videos and will do so for future videos as well. I can’t guarantee if other creators decide to use another platform…20 hours ago
Re: Question about KD FileGeneralWe are official partners. I think they plan to add bitcoin payments soon.4 days ago
Re: TutorialDeepfake TechWe took it down because the tutorial was outdated. After revising it, we will put it back up.1 week ago
Re: Download video disappeared all of a sudden?GeneralIssue should be fixed now.3 weeks ago
Re: About video resolutionGeneralYou can use whatever resolution you want as long as the eyes, nose, lips is clear enough. Recommended 720p+ with the face taking up at…1 month ago
Re: What’s wrong in this situation?Deepfake TechAre you able to run extract?1 month ago


Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) - Play thingWanna see some dicks bouncing on each other? Maybe that'll lighten you up. 22 hours ago
Twice Jeongyeon penetrated on sofaIf there's a match, it will be done. 4 days ago
Red Velvet Irene - Stroking you with her feetSent you a message. 2 weeks ago
SNSD Taeyeon - Doctor's treatment 2About a week for all the variations. We have a tutorial but it's been taken down for revision. You can… 2 weeks ago
SNSD Taeyeon - Doctor's treatment 2Unfortunately, we have no face sets of either. Maybe in the future or if they win a poll. 2 weeks ago


We create deepfakes of celebrities mainly inclusive of K-pop Korean idols in South Korea. These videos are fake and are produced with software using machine AI learning. All models and faces of celebrities or idols used in our videos are at least 18+ years of age.