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Re: FaceSwap의 사용법은 어디에 있나요?Deepfake Tech months ago
[New] [IZ*ONE] Sakura faceset 512x512, approx 15kFace SetsLink Key: 60IgRIVsmTKIxjjb_x3LVDEFRxNb65cog1EhyvYHNCg You may want to check again though because 15k is exhausting to check.8 months ago
Re: extraction issueDeepfake TechDon’t know if this is a direct solution to your problem but I’ve also been running into problems with extraction through cmd. My solution was…8 months ago
Can 1080 Ti train using the villain model?Deepfake TechIs the 11GB of VRAM on the 1080 Ti enough to run the villain model?8 months ago
(Updated) Chaewon faceset ~6k setFace Sets6k allignments when combined with updated faceset from bigbang515. Sources from photos, fancams, and ENOZI episodes. Link8 months ago
Re: What is the error: “Unrecognized arguments: -mp”?Deepfake TechThis is the message: C:\faceswap>python extract -i DataA\actress_name -o DataA\actress_name\extracted -D s3fd -ae -mp usage: [-h] {extract,train,convert,gui} … positional arguments: {extract,train,convert,gui} extract Extract…8 months ago


random chaewon clipsi need to work on creating a faceset for that 1 month ago
random sakura clipssejeong is the only other data set i have so thats gonna go up soon all the other data sets… 3 months ago


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