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Re: Com2star_faceset sharing page 🙂Face SetsNice bro..i hope u can sharing faceset IU,Minju,Jiheon,Wonyoung too 😊2 weeks ago
Re: Stop with the fantopia advertisement video bullshitGenerallooks like youtube now.. even youtube is better haha6 months ago
Re: Limiting AdvertisementsGeneralI agree, the real content is starting to get disturbed since the excessive ads that appear7 months ago
Re: What Is The Current Deepfake StudioDeepfake Techit will be very interesting if the studio gets up again.. if anyone is willing to make a new one that’s great too9 months ago
Re: GIDLE – Yuqi Face Set 1185 imagesFace Setscan u reup bro? the link are died..2 years ago
Name original actress or code?GeneralAnyones know this actress jav or code?Name? or Code?i get this from deep taeyeon or rose maybe i forget hehe2 years ago


It can't seem as lively as it used to be and people seem to be leaving.Isn't it a waste of time with him? he just doesn't want to lose the creator even if it only… 6 months ago
Chaehyun Test (Wakeone girls always make me crazy)finally kep1er entered.. hope there will be xiaoting in the future chaehyun loved it need more 😅 7 months ago
Minjuyour work is getting better and more interesting every time. I like.... We like it~ thanks 8 months ago
Not Yuri Tutoru can handbrake first bro 9 months ago
2021.12.3 Yujinnot the last..but a new masterpiece 👍🏼 after yuri yesterday.. waiting for other works soon with the new device. 10 months ago


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