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Discord Servers for FakesGeneralSo i joined a server that posts stuffs of a certain dedicated group and that makes me wonder if there’s another server like that dedicated…3 weeks ago
Re: yuna kim plzzzzzz!!!! GeneralIdk which Kim Yuna is this but it’s not ITZY’s Yuna since she is SHIN Yuna. So we can chill this time.3 months ago
Re: plz can anyone let me know the original vid?GeneralKAWD 731 months ago
Re: [Loona] Heejin 3690 Image 256×256 Face Set (with alignments.json)Face SetsWow dude how did you get Heejin’s breast size?6 months ago
Re: request: Iz*one Won Young , ChaeWon , MinJoo , Yuri , Yena pleaseGeneralPLEASE REFRAIN FROM REQUESTING IDOLS YOUNGER THAN 19, YOU SICK PEDO.6 months ago


Blackpink Jisoo Passionate SexPlease add blowjob tag in this video 3 weeks ago
Yena in missionaryPlease refrain from requesting members not yet of the legal age. Thank you. Also great job with… 2 months ago
Chaekyung 1 of 2Bro you actually made a Chaekyung bro you're the best bro i love you bro you're awesome bro 2 months ago
IZ*ONE Chaewon Webcam Masturbation short | 아이즈원 - 채원They need to be at least 19 (20 in Korean age) 2 months ago
Joy 1Yoon Chaekyung version would be great for this, trust me. 2 months ago
irene 1 of 2Yes finally more blowjob video 2 months ago


We create deepfakes of celebrities mainly inclusive of K-pop Korean idols in South Korea. These videos are fake and are produced with software using machine AI learning. All models and faces of celebrities or idols used in our videos are at least 18+ years of age.