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Re: [Request] Redvelvet WendyGeneralI already have pics and videos ready for making 3 Wendy deepfake vids because I found the pornstar in the “Wendy-My Second Date” vid look…2 days ago
Re: TutorialDeepfake TechOh I see, Thanks!2 weeks ago
TutorialDeepfake TechWhy is the deepfake tutorial tab gone?3 weeks ago
Re: plz can anyone let me know the original vid?Generallooking at her other vids, she has the same short hair style as Wendy…. which means…. hue hue hue3 months ago
Wendy face setGeneralAnyone has the Wendy face set used in her last video? Thanks5 months ago


Joy masturbation with dildoThis is great! 4 weeks ago
fromis_9 Saerom | 프로미스나인 새롬anyone know what the original video was? 5 months ago
Wendy - My Second DateMan, we haven't had a new Wendy vid but this one is still too good 6 months ago
Wendy - My Second DateThis soooo good. I wish the face set gets uploaded I wanna make more of Wendy 10 months ago


We create deepfakes of celebrities mainly inclusive of K-pop Korean idols in South Korea. These videos are fake and are produced with software using machine AI learning. All models and faces of celebrities or idols used in our videos are at least 18+ years of age.